Welcome to Floral Concepts

Welcome to the wonderful and exotic world of Floral Concept!

We specialize in creating unique and edible art for everyone to enjoy. From fruits and vegetables to flowers and sprouts, you’ll marvel at the magnificence the tastes and colors of our seasons provide.

Carved Fruit Centerpieces and Edible Flowers are a perfect addition to your next special event. Let us show you how a splash of color and a dash of whimsy can turn an ordinary party into an extraordinary occasion.

For those interested in learning more about edible flowers and healthy food preparation options, we offer educational workshops, carving demonstrations, lectures and classes for both children and adults.

While in Thailand, owner Joan Kershaw studied Kae-Sa-Luk (The art of vegetable and fruit carving in the Thai style). She now brings this skill to Florida, providing one-of-a-kind centerpieces and edible displays. Joan also specializes in the ancient art of floral Cuisine, preferring to use organically grown flowers and vegetables in her recipes.

~ Floral Concept provides supports local farmers and purchases produce as close to 100% Organic as possible.

~ Vegan and Raw Food catering available.

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